You can be pushed to discover a greater tool for this job; these are top in this business and make their name with this particular combination of tools.
When you use tubes you should have the appropriate tube tools to do the job. It's a good bet you don’t keep these things in your tool box.

The 800 Line of tube expanders is really the most popular tube tool available worldwide for usage on heat exchangers and condensers. Be sure you obtain the tools you need to do the effort adequately. Should you not have Automatic Production Line this equipment you'll not have the capacity to successfully complete these types of tasks.12 inches or 2. They have a captive mandril tip which eradicates the nut from the mandril tip; this feature helps prevent the scratching of the ID tube. Its big benefit is its capability to provide you with a even more Swing Clamp concentric and even expansion.14 inches. You should also rent or buy tube tools and get what you may require to get the task finished. The tubes they can be used on can broaden thick tube sheets of up to eight inches. The tubes you can use it on are 1/2 an inch to 1. Who knew that tube expander tools were so advanced? The actual type of them implements a dual purpose collar with reversible noses to expand tubes flush with tube sheets and tubes which might be projecting from sheets. What's more, its five rolls will allow you to prevent triangulation and spring back.

The best facet of these kinds of tools is that you can find them absolutely put together and subjected to testing here in Canada.12 inches, and with roll lengths of either 1. Examples of these are to be utilized in oil coolers, radiators and various tubes of tiny diameter vessels.

Strongly recommended for usage on thin walled tubes would be the 1200-5 series tube expander.
The first we’ll look at is definitely the AN selection of tube expanders. Don’t be the man with the completely wrong gear for the task! Let's consider the tube expander tools that exist. If you'd like some thing even bigger than this you may talk to a tube retailer personally and they could actually help build you something that meets your preferences. The tube sizes covered by the AN series is 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch. This isn’t the kind of material for you to just find a hammer plus some duct tape and plan to get results.

The 8012 series tube expander may be used in air heaters, boilers, and refinery still tubes. These thin walled materials are normally stainless steel and also other exotic components and alloys. Their double radius rolls help to make long reach step rolling easy as well. Their state of the art design guarantees their top quality along with their cryogenic and heat treatment goes way over my head, but I’m assured it adds great price and enduring top quality with their tools. The best of criteria in top quality are always adopted. A tube expander is the central tool when you're concentrating on heat exchangers, condensers, oil coolers, and radiators.