This is a tool that you should only purchase after getting opinions from successful traders.
This is great experience and gives you concrete insight on how profit and loss is affected by lot size and quotes.

Open a forex demo account where you will have access to real-time quotes, plus practice money. You Tools Equipment can start out slow, with a simple approach, or dive in and look for a complex charting package that will give you a detailed technical analysis (to forecast price movements) as well as 24-hour news headlines.

There are training programs you can (and probably should) sign up for as well, and mini accounts that are ideal for traders -- whether new Hydraulic Fixture to trading in general or just to the forex market.

Certainly become familiar with the fundamental factors that underlie currency markets, with the goal of developing a trading plan that is "risk aware" (there's no such thing as completely risk-free!).

If you're new to forex trading, most experts will tell you to play before you pay.
Foreign exchange ("forex") trading tools cover a wide area in this particular type of market: information, including forecast projection software and live information collection regarding currencies, prices and trading news. Try a forex calculator to make several dozen imaginary trades. Similarly, the mini accounts have smaller trade sizes with higher leverages.

Once you're up to speed, you can even program software with your trading strategies so that your trades are generated automatically. Some trials are time-limited or require a financial commitment, but many are free and have no limits as to how long you can practice.

Historical data is invaluable for assessing trends and stability, and with a database program, you can access daily forex ranges for any (or all) currency pairs.

Obviously there is no magic software that you can simply program and trust to rake in the cash, but because of the volatility of the foreign exchange market, with trillions of dollars trading hands every day, an automated system -- controlled by you -- can allow you to operate at high-speed, 24 hours a day. Mini accounts require a very small size deposit (think a couple of hundred dollars instead of thousands for a standard account). Many sites provide free forex trading tools online specifically so investors can follow the market and key trading numbers like daily ranges and moving averages. In other words, educate yourself by reading print and online introductions, glossaries, and paying special attention to pit falls to watch for and scams to avoid.