The hardest part of it Custom Workholding all was hiding it from my husband until Christmas time. Now with his flashlight handy at all times, things should be easier. I had it hidden away and had to keep my mouth shut about what a great gift I had bought him. It was less than $170 and it made it seem like an even better deal when I realized I had almost spent $160 on a Craftsman drill. I was curious about it and after I checked it out I knew it was the perfect gift. The kit is really something to behold.

Once my husband opened his gift, he can't live without his Black and Decker Firestorm kit. If your husband needs a new cordless drill then consider the one I bought. This is just the start of their amazing collection.

This kit is includes a flashlight and an array of cordless tools. He loves the trim saw and the reciprocating saw too. The case was very sturdy and a bit on the heavy side, but I knew that carrying it home would be worth it. He just needs to make sure to plan his projects ahead of time and have the drill fully charged. A cousin of mine told me to check out the Black and Decker Firestorm tool kit right before Christmas time. Hydraulic Workholding

When I left the shop I carried with me an plastic carrying case just stocked with cordless tools and accessories for way less that I thought I would have to pay.

After I saw one at Sears during the Thanksgiving sale period, I knew my man would love this combo tool kit. I didn't want him snooping around the house and accidentally finding it. There is also a great alkaline-powered screwdriver that he uses often too. Sometimes the charger takes a few hours to charge the batteries and this can be disappointing for him. This would of come in handy when my husband discovered wiring during an actual construction project. The flashlight can be helpful for many diy projects.
The folks at Black and Decker have made the chore of picking out tools for your husband and his diy projects a whole lot simpler.

All in all he and I are both very satisfied with the outcome of this Christmas!

. It was also on sale so I decided to get it