Swing Clamp in mind the safety standards which govern your community, buy the best quality gas stoves, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, deep freezers and other commercial kitchen appliances essential for successful restaurant operation. Before making the purchase, find out whether the restaurant equipment is code compliant.

This information is usually available for your city or county’s health, fire and safety departments. Ask the fire department or the food inspector who serves your jurisdiction to check compliance levels for you. You should always purchase your restaurant equipment from authorized entities. Call the manufacturer and verify the dealer’s credentials before making the purchase.


When making your rounds of restaurant equipment dealers online or offline, select cooking appliances that not only have a reputation of high quality but are also clearly labeled as being energy efficient. A reliable and eco friendly benchmark to consider is the Energy Star label awarded by the US federal government. Very often, local utility companies are able to provide excellent resource information regarding energy ratings and so checking with them prior to placing an order is a good idea.


While calculating costs, check the delivery rates of different manufacturers or dealers. Many online dealers offer free delivery of the appliances you purchase from them. This can actually save you hundreds of dollars depending on the size and the weight of the appliance. Examine the terms and conditions of the delivery and inspect the appliance thoroughly before you sign any release documents.