Machining Workholding is the C12ID Impact Driver, this  drive Impact Driver has a hex chuck which means that driver bits and sockets can be changed almost one handed. In these circumstances it pays to have a good set of well designed roofing ladders and lightweight cordless industrial power tools that allow for easy mobility and less transitioning from work site to charging station and back. Battery life is another important factor as running down the ladder to grab a freshly charged battery and climbing back up again is a real waste of time on site.

The Summit 1305-002 Roof Ladder is designed to be easily rolled into place on lightweight wheels and then flipped to allow the shaped top to hook over the ridge line, preventing any possibility of slipping during use. Robust construction is ensured Hydraulic Workholding with a metal gear casing and at 900 grams this lightweight drill will reduce operator fatigue. The Summit 1310-000 Conservatory Ladder is specially designed to reduce the pressure on the roof and give a solid foundation from which workers can repair and clean glazed roofs.

The C12D Cordless Drill Driver is ideal for roofing work, it features Lithium power, an LED work light (negating the need for any form of external lighting to be carried onto the roof) and a battery gauge that will let workers know when they need to be thinking for coming back down off the ladder. Cable runs are a known hazard on all job sites but more so in a roofing environment.
Working from a ladder can be difficult if you only have cabled tools.

Milwaukee Power Tools range of lithium-Ion cell industrial power tools are significantly lighter than equivalent power NiCD powered tools and the battery cell not only lasts longer per charge than either NiCD or NiMH batteries, it does not run low in force either.


Working in safety on all manner of roofs is important but sometimes it’s not just the safety of workers that needs to be considered. Only 1 kilogram!
Machining Workholding
Power Tools Pro stock a wide range of Industrial power tools from major manufacturers, Bosch, Makita, DeWALT and others. We specialise in Cordless power tools as well as heavy industrial power tools. These means that unlike a NiMH battery tools will keep giving full performance until the battery is completely flat, rather than letting the tool go weak in the final percentage of charge. Getting the right cordless drills and cordless drill drivers is important as heavy tools make climbing ladders an effort and reach is reduced as a heavy tool will increase the risk of overbalancing. It uses the same batteries as the C12D so you can keep costs down and that same robust construction is also lightweight. Glass may be very strong but conservatory roofs require a specialist roofing ladder to be used to ensure that there is no scratching to the glazed portion of the roof or worse, point pressure that could cause cracks.

Power Tools Pro offer the perfect combination of tools with a number of purpose designed roofing ladders and lightweight cordless power tools that use long lasting and powerful batteries that charge rapidly. Mobility is so important in roof work that cordless power tools are an absolute must. Roofing, as an example involves working high up and in an exposed position. Shaped rungs provide extra grip and the lightweight aluminium construction is designed to be easily lifted and repositioned with one hand, allowing full safety.
There are many jobs on construction sites and in the associated trades that require workers to perform tasks in dangerous circumstances