It does not mean that Lotus Notes is underestimated, it has its own advantages but some of its drawbacks make it lagging behind in comparison to Outlook.
High approach for Lotus mailbox conversion tools is seen these days, as users are struggling hard to leave IBM Lotus Notes at any cost and jump onto Microsoft Outlook. free utility with MS Office’, no unnecessary training required so time saves’, help desk is not even a matter of chance so easy in usage’, far away from maintenance’.

Either small commercial set ups or large you cannot differentiate the need.

These two email clients are collaborative email set ups developed with the purpose to provide secure information and data of both the clients in elements like contacts, journals, etc. Besides being almost same, commercial companies using variety of Lotus Mailbox Conversion Tools to turn to Outlook client.

Email for Internal and External Communication: Basically email sharing is money-saving and preferred way of communication amongst the employees and employer. The much known reasons are High cost both in maintenance and installation’, training cost is direct loss to productivity as it is hours of wastage in training’, cost of helpdesk is also high’, this comparison to Outlook will astonish you as it is opposite to Lotus Notes in almost all aspects. Just like human beings cannot live without food same with companies they cannot even think to run a business without email application. Email applications play a magical role in fulfilling business needs. Now let us come straight to the Lotus Notes and Outlook email clients.

Limitations of Lotus Notes and Advantages of Outlook: To know that exact reason hidden behind this shift is crucial to know. Besides this outside the company it plays a Chassis System key role.

Survey Favored for Outlook: A survey, counted percentage of Outlook users is the highest in comparison to other email clients, so it would not be wrong to say that almost 50% of people for e-productivity are using Outlook and a study based on email migration suggest, that Lotus Machining Workholding mailbox convert to PST is gradually increasing. The need is important thus solutions are created and succeeding number of emails applications flowing today