Every household has at least one or two power tools as they are very handy and useful for any project irrespective of the size. In spite of this many of us are negligent about the proper care of batteries which result in the death of the batteries. One can clean the batteries using alcohol and cotton. This method of regular charging of batteries is also known as smart charging behaviour. It is very important to keep the batteries clean for a longer life of your power tools.

Most of the times, the power tools are used in construction and repair areas, where dirt is very likely to fall on the power tools.

These are some very easy, yet very effective methods to increase the life of the battery of your power tools. Proper maintenance of the battery of your power tools is very important in the effective maintenance and a longer life for your power tools.

Most of the time the cost of the change in batteries is so much that the users prefer to keep the power tools dormant without using them, or even prefer to purchase a new power tool by adding some more funds to Hydraulic Workholding the budget. Also, there is no doubt that power tools make the task of the user much easier because of its portability and power efficiency.

These batteries are more likely to develop a memory effect in the long run and hence it is very important to charge these batteries once in a week to guard them effectively against the memory effect.

Power tool batteries are largely a combination of several smaller cells which are packed inside the case of the battery. In Custom Workholding this article, some useful tips are discussed to increase the life of the battery of your power tools which in the long run will save a lot of money for you. These smaller cells are usually NiCD which makes all the rules applicable on NiCD to be applicable on them as well. Also make sure that the batteries are not stored near metals or heat. Also one should be careful enough to not leave the batteries in the charger for a long time as it will diminish the life of the battery. It is equally important to store the batteries in a cool and dry storage space. It is very important to charge and discharge the batteries of your power tools in regular interval of times, as it affects the life of the batteries to a large extent. However, no one would disagree with the fact that no power tool is of any use without power.

The power of the batteries of the power tools are likely to weaken if the tools are not used for a long time